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Advantages when using our Server Creator.

Fast and Easy

Our application is very easy and simple to use, create your dream server in less than 1 minute.

Many Features

We have a lot of features, you can consult the console in the application, you can install scripts automatically and much more!

Always Updated

We always keep our service up to date and we know how to listen to our customers for extra improvements.

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Premium Plan

We have an incredible permanent subscription for you!

Permanent Plan


One-time Payment

Install scripts on your server automatically.

Exclusive ESX Panel and easy installation for FiveM.

You can program schedules on the server.

Server sharing with your developers.

Share the console with your developers.

Your developers can install scripts from our list.

Your developers can change your server while you are away.

Special permissions on the discord, exclusive chat, exclusive role and you can change the color of your nickname.

It's Permanent

Our Reviews

StealtH #1452 😍

Nikyus is a great and powerful tool for new server creators such as myself, it removes some of the more tedious sides of server creation such as manually adding every script yourself, since it does it for you. It is perfect as a starting ground since it will help you get to grips with how the whole process works, I would highly recommend buying premium as the scripts are updated frequently and there are plenty of cool scripts to choose from :slight_smile: